Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Public Education in Ireland and the USA-Highlights

This Ireland trip has been full of information and fun! In less than a week I have learned more about the education system of the motivation of students within it than I could have ever anticipated! Today, Tuesday, May 20, we got to meet with Dr. Eugene Wall at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick. He is known for his vast research with the ways that various places use assessment in their school systems. Meeting and talking to Dr. Wall was perhaps the most significant portion of the trip for me in terms of my own personal research.  He opened my eyes to the differences in sources of motivation, accountability, and methods of testing.

Motivation & Accountability:
In the United States, schools are held accountable for the student’s performance according to the Bush Administration.
In Ireland, pupils are held accountable for their own performance. There is no connection between under performance and blame of teachers.
Most schools in Ireland test at all grades but in Ireland, the state doesn’t publish or analyze the information like we do in the United States.

Standardized tests are used in different ways and are not as “threatening” as they are in the states.
Standardized testing/ test accountability is not an issue of reforms in Ireland.
Irish higher education is fueled by performance and competition rather than wealth.
All of these things were fascinating to me and will help me shape my final paper! I am excited to research more of these issues and I can truly say that Dr. Wall sparked my interest in many of them, it was awesome to have the opportunity to meet him!

-Peyton Ramser

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