Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday, 5/19/2014

     First, I want to say that Ireland is one of the most beautiful places I have been able to visit. There is beautiful architect  everywhere, with interesting history behind it. On Monday, May 19, 2014, we were able to talk with interesting individuals from Mary Immaculate College. Dr. O'Connell and Dr. O'Sullivan gave an extremely insightful lecture on Ireland's educational system. It allowed me to understand the differences between their system and the United State's system. Dr.Swift and Father Wall provided us with a holistic view on Irish history that helped us begin to understand the background of the Irish people. After visiting the college, we went to a wonderful social services center in Limerick. They spoke of all the excellent services they are providing for the people of Limerick. There ideas and dedication was inspiring.
     Every moment I have been in Ireland has been wonderful and interesting. When we are not learning from professionals, we are learning about the culture through experiences and interactions. I would not have been able to have such a wonderful experience if it wasn't for the opportunities provided by the University of Louisville.

     -Tera Rumbaugh

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