Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Experience in Ireland

            The trip to Ireland I found enlightening in that before going on this trip I was unaware of any of the policies or procedures within the mental health field in Ireland. Nevertheless, talking with the Limerick Social Services Centre employees was extremely informative.
The LSSC staff giving the presentation to our group were warm, and inviting towards us, and were open to answering any of the questions we had for them on how they provide services to their community. This day was the most important for me because it was the day that was the most informative for me personally. That is not to say that the other days were not interesting to speak with or just as informative, yet this day helped answer most of the question I had prior to going on this trip to Ireland about the Ireland mental health system.
When it comes to mental health in Ireland I found that their system seems to be building up more and more every year. The need for the mental health system is also becoming more of a need due to enrollment of clients rising each year at the Social Services Centre in Limerick specifically but it can only be assumed that the rest of Ireland is in a similar position. For anybody considering on going to Ireland with the education department or another department I would highly suggest taking this opportunity because it was an experience I will never forget, and I can not wait to go back sometime in the future. Ireland is a beautiful country, rich in history, and a lot of the history that you could never experience by reading a book or watching a documentary.  

-Kara Kennedy

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